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exploded near the government's he headquarters. at least seven people are now known dead and more than a dozen injured. and then hours after the explosion several others were killed when a man dressed as a police officer opened fire at a youth camp. i want to get out to nbc's martin fletcher in london who is following the latest for us. martin, one person we understand has been arrested in the shooting, and what do we know about the suspect? >> not too much, jeff, at the moment except for apparently he is a norwegian national, so there was of course some concern if this is an al qaeda attack or attack by foreigners, but it appears that the man arrested is a norwegian national. he was dressed up as a police officer. he was asking young people at a youth camp there on the island for their identity papers and then suddenly opened fire with an automatic weapon killing as far as we know at the moment four young people. it was a labor camp and sorry, political party, the labor movement was holding a youth camp.
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what is interesting is that the norwegian prime minister was supposed to be talking at that camp tomorrow. and of course, it was a norwegian prime minister's office that was targeted also in the oslo bomb, jeff. >> do we think that the two attacks are linked at all? it is hard to believe they wouldn't be, but any indication of that? >> well, the norwegian police are investigating, but that attack being on the prime minister's office in the oslo office, and the attack on the camp where the prime minister was to speak tomorrow and the simultaneous bombing, and they will find it is linked and once they confirm a link the issue is well, that is quite a sophisticated attack and successful attack in terrorist terms and al qaeda is well known for coordinated attacks with a high death toll. so i suppose it is for the moment where the finger of suspicion will be pointed, but it is way too early to tell at the moment. >> nbc's martin fletcher following the latest for us out
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of norway. martin, thanks. >> thank you. to developing news at the capitol in the u.s. where there is no deal to avert a potentially catastrophic default on the nation's debt. the treasury released a statement saying quote, while we remain confident that congress will raise the debt ceiling soon, officials from the treasury, federal reserve board and the new york fed met today to discuss the implications for the u.s. economy if congress fails to act. and the u.s. senate has struck down a bill that would add a u.s. amendment to the constitution. >> this step now allows the process to move forward. >> president obama held a town hall a short time ago at the university of maryland where he said that republicans aren't compromising. >> we can't just close our deficit with spending cuts alone. if we are going to reduce the
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deficit, then the wealthiest americans and the biggest corporations should do their part as well. >> right now, august 2nd is the big date, and the hard deadline or the u.s. default defaults on the $14.3 trillion debt. the white house says that lawmakers need a basic plan in place by today if they are going to be able to craft a bill in time to avert a default. nbc's kristen welker is following all of this for us live at the white house. kristen, good afternoon. where do we go from here? what is the bottom line? a lot of talking from the white house and the republicans and where does it all stand and what is next? >> hi, there, jeff. house speaker john boehner and president obama are saying that they are not close to a deal, but there has certainly been a lot of chatter about a potential deal. here is what it would look like. it would involve $3 trillion in deficit reductions over the next decade. it would include immediate cus s to discretionary spending right off of the top, and then over time, you'd see some changes in
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entitlements things like social security and medicare and also some changes to the tax code including a roll back for tax breaks for the wealthy americans and the large corporations and involve this deduction for home mortgage interest rates, and what is interesting now, jeff, earlier in the week, a lot of of the republicans were rattled, up set by this idea that any move would involve a increase in the tax hix, but now the democrats are concerned, because they are concerned that the latest potential deal that might be discussed wouldn't hit home hard enough in terms of the tax reform, and they are afraid that it would not insist upon tax reforms. well, officials, and democratic officials close to the talks say that is not the case. they say that the president is still standing firmly behind the fact that any deal has to involve new revenues that would come from the taxes, and there is going to be penalties written into that legislation that would
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involve, require congress to come back to the table and make sure there is in fact tax reform in the future. one more thing we are hearing today from the republicans saying that president obama is going back a little bit, and on the entitlement reforms, and sources here close to the talks, democratic sources are saying that is also not the case. so there is a lot of heated rhetoric right now here, jeff. here is what house speaker john boehner had to say earlier today. take a listen. >> where's their plan? president obama talks about being the adult in the room. where's his plan to cut spending and to raise the debt limit? listen, we are in the fourth quarter here. we are fighting for jobs. we are fighting for the country's future, and we are fighting for the american people. >> remember, some of what you are hearing publicly may not be the same thing going on behind closed doors. there have been a lot of meetings, all this week behind closed doors, and it seems that the one thing that all sides
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agree on is that they want to get a deal done by the august 2nd deadline and the goal is now to have a piece of legislation by the beginning of next week so that you can bet that negotiators and lawmakers are hard at work to try to get it done over the weekend. jeff? >> nbc's kristen welker at the white house. kristen, thanks. republican senator lindsey graham joins us now from south carolina. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> you said that if we don't act soon the u.s. will have a financial crisis as bad as greece, and what is your reaction to what happened in the senate? >> i was very disappointed. if this is not worthy of debate, what would be? if you don't put forth the cap, cut and balance and then to address the fundamental problem. we are not in jeopardy of becoming greece because we don't raise the debt ceiling. we are in jeopardy of becoming greece because we have 70% of the debt to gdp is going to be 100 in little over a decade, so
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we have to do more than raise the debt ceiling. we have got to address what got us into debt, and if you don't like cut, cap and balance come up with a plan of your own. i believe that the only solution to this problem is not political rhetoric between politicians and parties. it is a structural change, a balanced budget amendment to the constitution to make us do things that neither one of us like to do, and if we don't do that, we are not going to do it. >> senator, we reported a moment ago that president obama held a town hall meeting earlier today where he said that the republicans are not compromising and you are not compromising and what do you make of that? >> well, i would tell the president that at the end of the day, it is not about taxing the rich or any other issue, it's about the system that is out of control. at 9.2% unemployment, taxes are not a good thing to be raised now, but i would put revenue on the table by closing loopholes and deductions. like ethanol, that is an example. it is $4 billion that we give to ethanol producers and i would
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take some of that money to pay down the debt. that is a way to use the revenue to pay down the debt. >> and speaking with average americans and a lot of people are out there and whether you are a democrat or republican, the bottom line is more bad news that government cannot operate and there is gridlock. and what do you say to americans who say, why can't you get together in a room and make it happen? people are losing their jobs and people can't pay their bills and it seems that you can't make it happen? >> well, the question is what do we want to happen. i want to bring about change that i can believe in. they can go home to tell folks, we have passed a balanced budget amendment to the constitution, and it would require us to meet in the middle. you won't have massive tax cuts in the future with a balanced budget amendment probably, buzz you can't afford it and you won't have massive spending increases, because you can't afford it, but let the american people see if they want to change the constitution to make congress do things differently.
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and one thing, my friend, after 15 years up here and 40 years of evidence, it is clear to me that neither party is going to balance the budget unless something changes. all of the deals, the graham rudman, and the gang of six and all of the others are noble, but they don't make it through the pressure that skom comes, and balanced budget amendment would give us a reason to do things we don't have today. >> thank you, senator lindsey graham, and i know how hot it is in d.c., so thank you for standing outside for us. >> thank you for having me. >> have a nice weekend. it is not about discomfort, but one health official says it is about survival with this sweltering heat. it is the heat dome sitting over the east coast and claimed over two dozen lives including a west point cadet. 29 points and washington, d.c. all under heat advisories in nearly 60 cities across the northeast and meteorologists are warning of poor air quality in baltimore and washington, d.c. and code red has been issued
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which means danger for all people young and old. the incredible demand for relief is putting a major strain on the power companies today, and the demand climbed to 158,000 megawatts per hour, and if you are not a genius who knows what megawatts are per hour, it is approaching a new record. >> my aunt is 92 years old and she had a little bit of a heart problem and her air conditioner broke yesterday and she needs one no matter the cost or no matter what. >> and chris warren has more from washington, d.c., and it is 101 degrees right there, and like i have to tell you, but it feels like 117. how are you out there? >> well, it is hot. i can tell you that for sure, jeff. getting in new numbers from the head quarters of the weather channel in atlanta is 106 in newark which is a new record. and warrington, virginia,
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outside of the beltway, 104 degrees and the dew point at 81, but 104 degrees and the dew point is important, because you talk about the heat index and what it feels like out there, 130. that is what it feels like in warrington, virginia, outside of the beltway right here. it is hot out here. you stand outside and you stand around for a little while and you will start sweating, no doubt about it. it is that hot. it is not going to cool down when that sun goes down. last night temperatures were right around 90 degrees in many spots at midnight here in the mid-atlantic and the northeast. this morning, before sunrise, many locations had locations still in the mid-80s with heat index around 90 degrees and felt like 90 degrees before sunrise in many spots. this is a dangerous heat wave we are dealing with in the mid-atlantic and the northeast and it is going the last into tomorrow. tomorrow is a similar day to today, jeff, and any real relief, we have to wait for the beginning of next week, and even
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then temperatures back to normal and for washington, d.c. that is close to 90 degrees. >> 90 anyway. and what is the heat, official heat wave is three days over 90 degrees, is that an official heat wave? >> yes. >> chris warren, and stay safe out there. thanks. >> thank you. coming up, you haven't heard the last of donald trump's political ambitions and why the donald says that a presidential run is still a possibility. plus, cities across the country are dealing with tightening budgets and one town is taking the drastic measure of asking retired police officers and firefighters to give up half of their pension. a historic day for the military, the pentagon is about to make a big announcement about the end of "don't ask, don't tell." my cream is what makes stouffer's fettuccini alfredo
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>> back now at 16 past the hour and we are following breaking news from oslo, norway, where at least one bomb ripped open several buildings including the prime minister's office and seven people were killed and 15 injured in the blast. nearby, at a youth camp a man dressed as a police officer opened fire. the police inspeck sctor said ta suspect in the shooting has been arrested an unconfirmed reports that five people were wounded in the shooting and the acting police investigator says they believe that the suspect of the two attacks are linked so that the bombing is linked with the youth camp shooting, and you can see the pictures we are getting in and it looks like absolute chaos there. and once again the police investigators are getting to where they believe that the suspect arrested is linked to both the bombing and thet shooting. we will continue tole fol -- continue to follow the developments out of norway. and some of the gop candidates may be in hot water. the des moines register is
2:17 pm
saying that nbc may file a cease and desist order against tim palate -- pawlenty, because his new ad shows the u.s. and russia hockey game from the olympics and nbc says it is a copyrighted video. and buddy roemer kicked off his campaign with free to lead. he holds the presidential campaign right after the iowa caucus. and new york city mayor rudy giuliani says he is making a decision to run. he has traveled to new hampshire several times in the past few weeks. even donald trump who bowed out of the race back in may is saying, don't count me out quite yet. last night, the donald revealed he is considering a run again. >> if the economy continues to do badly, and if the republicans pick somebody that i think is the wrong person and isn't going to win, i would very seriously
2:18 pm
consider running as an independent. >> all right. joining me now is nationally syndicated talk show host michael smerconish who is also a msnbc contributor. >> and jeff, the one thing i know for sure and probably the only thing that i feel i know to a certainty about the 2012 cycle is that that man will never run for president. i happen to think that the reason he does want into run is the reason he says he is most anxious to run which is that he can't wait to show us his tax returns and the financials which by the way he could show us to day. but it is a total ruse for publicity. >> he had the publicity and he bowed out, and why now again, just to bow out again? >> well, to be fair. he is good copy and we love to talk about him and a lot of good plot lines to run in the trump orbit, but he gets asked and he refuses to shut that off by saying, no i'm not going to run. i think that he has been doing this for the last four cycles and somebody did some research and shade that if you go back 16
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years donald trump was talking about it then. >> he was going to run in 1988 and 1999, and you talked about running as well. >> sure. >> he never does it though. >> he never does it and we all come and courting and asking and that keeps him out there and keeps him viable. i don't think that he wants to subject himself to the scrutiny that now goes with it. >> he also attacks his own party quite a bit. so, is it viable that he could run even if he wanted to and give him the benefit of the doubt and say yes, he wants to run, but can he do that after coming out to bash your own party like that? >> well, at this point, he would have to run as an independent, and i am one of those and i'm not so interested to have him and call donald trump one of their own, and there are filing issues that he would run afoul of the he wanted to run b we don't have to worry about it, because the man is never going to run for president of the united states. >> we have it on tape. michael smerconish, thank you. and you are filling in for chris matthews tonight. >> yes, on "hardball."
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okay at 7:00 p.m. eastern here on msnbc. and the mayor of rhode island sat down with the mayor of central falls because they have been teetering on the bankruptcy line, and now with the idea of cutting pensions in half has people very upset. meeting with them is a rhode island u.s. supreme court justice justice flanders. good to see you, justice flanders from providence, rhode island. you sat down with the mayor of central falls and acting as the state overseer since the mayor was stripped of the duties last fall. what was the focus of the meeting? >> yes, how the mayor could be useful to the office of the receiver and what he might be doing in terms of giving advice, based on his knowledge of the city, so it was a fruitful and productive discussion, and i was glad that we were able to get
2:21 pm
together and do that. >> what do you make of the plan to cut pensions possibly by half to keep the city out of bankruptcy? >> well, unfortunately, it is necessary, because we have got a $5 million operating deficit on a $17 million budget. and a good chunk of that is due to pension plans that are too rich for the city to afford. we have an $ 80 million unfunded liability that we aare strugglig to get our arms around and we have to resort to a drastic measure. >> if you don't put into effect as you call it the drastic measure and the city were to go bankrupt, what does that mean exactly? >> well, in a bankruptcy, a federal judge could order these cuts to be made to pensions and to a restructured city including blowing up contracts with employees and unions and really giving the city a chance to have
2:22 pm
a new plan for recovery going forward where its expenses would be equal to the revenues. >> justice flanders, thank you for your time and best of luck. >> thank you so much. up next, is the gridlock on the gridiron coming to an end? new details on what the players are i sag about the tentative deal struck by the owners. plus, another palin on the way, and details of the newest addition to the palin family as we continue on a friday afternoon here in the east. time for your business entrepreneur of the week. they created bath simple, a bath in a box concept treating the whole bathroom as a single concept and they put the bathtub and the toilet and the tiles and the tiniest screws and nails all inside of one box. for more watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. [ male announcer ] millions of men 45 and older
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welcome back at 29 minutes past the hour and we want to get you up to speed on the breaking news we have been following. it has been a terrifying day in norway after a bombing blast and equally deadly shooting rampage at a youth camp. eight people were killed in oslo after police call one or more bombs that exploded near the government's headquarters a. the explosion blew the windows out of the building as high as 20 stories. then after that, man dressed in a police uniform opened fire at a youth camp killing unknown people there, and that suspect is under arrest and police say they suspect that the two incidents are linked. president obama a short time spoke out about the attacks.
2:30 pm
>> i wanted to personally extend my condolences to the people of norway. and it is a reminder that the entire international community has a stake in preventing this kind of terror from occurring. and that we have to work cooperatively together in both intelligence and in terms of prevention of these kinds of horrible attacks. i remember fondly my visit to oslo and how warmly the people of norway treated me, and so our hearts go out to them and we will provide any support we can to them as they investigate these occurrences. so, with that, and -- >> president obama moments ago. nbc's martin fletch ser is watching all of the developments with the the london bureau. what do we know about the suspect in custody right now? >> well, jeff, he is said to be a norwegian national, and not a foreigner, so that the suggestion there may be that it
2:31 pm
is not necessarily an international plot. but because the two attacks are apparently linked according to the norwegian police, and the kind of attacks they were, and a huge bomb in the center of oslo targeting the prime minister's building and then this, the camp on the island one hour away from oslo where apparently the norwegian prime minister was set to speak to visit tomorrow suggested it was indeed a coordinated attack and of course now the police are trying to find out who did it, of course. >> of course. nbc's martin fletcher following the latest for us out of london. martin, thanks. al qaeda fighters are in somalia and vowing to keep up as international aide workers out of their country even as the u.n. warns that a worsening famine could kill up to 800,000 children. warning that the images that we are about to show you may be tough to watch. parts of kenya and somalia are an air rid and drought-stricken
2:32 pm
wasteland. we are joined by the president of the unicef. >> thanks for having me on. >> these images are disturbing. get us up to speed of what is happening there. >> well, 11 million people in need of help and 2.3 million are children and close to 800,000 of those kids are truly at the life-death moment. it is the most horrific famine we have seen in years there, and unbelievable. >> americans are watching this right now, and what can they do? >> lots. first of all, they can donate to organizations like unicef there on the ground that have been on the ground for quite some time and are trying desperately now to replenish what we have there and continue to expand. you know, people are coming across that border everyday, moms being forced to make decisions sometimes between which child will live and which child will die. >> sophie's choice. >> exactly. i cannot imagine having to make
2:33 pm
that choice. >> so, it is just donations financially that you need or donate food directly there or what is the best way to go? >> it is donations, dollars. >> let you handle what they need? >> well, candidly at that malnutrition state, what you need are therapeutic milk and something that is fortified nutrition supplement, and it isn't the kinds of foods that we eat on a regular basis. >> if the you don't get the help you need which is by the way, a target number you are looking for? >> $100 million. >> where are you right now? >> i don't know today's count, because i have been running all over the place. >> nowhere near that? >> nowhere near that. we are at the beginning. >> if you don't get what you need, how bad will this get? >> children will die. that is the bottom line. children will die. >> okay. can't say it any more plainly than that. >> >> okay. we want to get it out there. say it one more time for people. >> unicef >> karen stern, thank you so
2:34 pm
much. we hope that people will help you out and you in turn can help them. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. you can logon to news to find list of groups who are taking donations for the famine. and you can text food to donate $10 to unicef. that is all it takes and you can make that number if enough people do it. thanks again. in moments, president obama is scheduled to meet with defense secretary leon panetta and mike mullen as he prepares to bring a formal end to "don't ask, don't tell." and later today, the pentagon officials will certify that the policy that bans gays and lesbians from serving openly can be implemented with readiness. that repeal is expected to take place in september for the full repeal. and jim krzyzewski is with us in at the pentagon. >> 24 is really the end of a
2:35 pm
20-year-old fight to ban gays from openly serving in the u.s. military. but it is far -- it is not the final step that. fight is far from over. because, once gays begin to serve openly in the military, they will still be deprived however of some of the benefits that are afforded married couples for example. and in terms of the death benefits and housing. that is because of the defense of marriage act federal law up on capitol hill which prohibits the military from allowing these kinds of benefits to be given to openly gay service members who have a same s-sex partner, so again, the clock is ticking when president obama is expected to certify that there will be no harm to readiness and recruiting in the military by lifting the
2:36 pm
ban on gays openly serving in the military. that starts a 60-day clock which takes us to september 20. so, if all goes according to plan, it is at that point that the ban will be lifted. and you know, gays in the military now are being advised once again to not disclose the fact that they are gay until that september 20 deadline is met, jeff. >> all right. nbc's mick nick la chmiklaszews pentagon. >> thank you. and we are looking at stories atop the "newsnation" today. the new york times is reporting that there is a subpoena for an investigation into news corp. that they hacked into victims of the 9/11 victims. those subpoenas still have to be approved. and a school could reopen thanks to a financial deal made thursday between the school board and the mayor in memphis. they postponed the august 8
2:37 pm
start date until the city returns millions in tax revenue. if all sides agree, the city will return $15 million by august 15th and the next in monthly installments over the next 11 years. police say a man who drove a tour bus involved in a fiery crash this morning in new york city had his license suspended in new york state. there was a bus that overturned between rochester and syracuse. the truck driver died and 30 passengers were sent to the ohospital and treated for injuries. state police say that both vehicles caught fire after the accident. the ball is now back in the players' hands after the nfl owners approved a new working contract in hopes of ending a four-month labor dispute putting the 2011 nfl season in jeopardy. the owners met in atlanta thursday and voted overwhelmingly in favor of a new ten-year labor agreement. representatives from the nfl
2:38 pm
players' association also met on thursday, but they still haven't reached a consensus, and nfl ownerers are calling this tentative deal fair for both sides. >> in the end, i think that it was worth all of the angst and anxiety and nervousness over the last several month, because if you can come up with a ten-year labor agreement in sports, and get to football and not worry about this for another ten years, it is pretty great. >> cnbc's darren rovell is covering this from the cnbc headquarters and you have looked at the deal, and what is the consensus and the thinking? will it be approved by the players? >> well, the problem, jeff, is that it is not the exact deal the players thought they would get. in other words, a couple of things in there they would like to change and there has been criticism that the owners essentially approved their own deal. they have gotten a lot of things done and pretty close, but they certainly did not vote on it wednesday. the players were to vote wednesday and the owners thursday and we thought that
2:39 pm
deal done by tomorrow, but it does not look like they will vote today either out of respect to bob kraft, the patriot's owner, because his wife's funeral is today. that brings us to saturday, and sunday and maybe monday and tuesday and we have already missed the hall of fame game which is the first preseason game. we go into wednesday and thursday, and there is $200 million of preseason games on the line. so, it really is crunch time, and there is a lot of people honestly who are surprised that we even got to the point of missing a game. >> well, everyone is losing money in this, and the players and the owners and, for the players, what is their biggest hangup or point of contention? >> they want an option out of the current deal and ten years is a big deal and brings us through the 2020 season and want an option out of after seven, that is one thing they want to look at even though the owners say we will give you in terms of the revenue give you 55% of the tv money and when the new big contracts come in 2014, that is going to be the big.
2:40 pm
there is also one big hangup over the recertification of the players association. they filed an anti-trust lawsuit which they will have to settle before they do this deal as part of filing that, they had to re-certify, jeff. so there is some hangup as to whether they can get a deal done in principle before re-certifying and there is kind of a difference of opinions between the owners and the players there as well. >> all right. cnbc's darren rovell. thank you so much. have a great weekend. >> you, too. and coming up a killer taunts his victim's husband in court and now the widower is facing charges for the courtroom outburst and it is today's "newsnation" gut check. but first a lot going on today and some things that we thought you should know. maria shriver and arnold schwarzenegger's son christopher is recovering after a surfing accident that left him hospitalized. he broke ribs and suffered from a collapsed lung. he is in serious condition, but he is expected to make a full recovery.
2:41 pm
happy to hear that. and meanwhile arnold schwarzenegger has asked a court not to award spousal support to maria shriver after she filed for divorce this month, and she had asked for spousal support and that arnold schwarzenegger pay for the lawsuit. and sarah palin's son track and his wife britta are expecting a new baby. they were married in may and her older daughter bristol gave birth to trig earlier this year in may. those are the things we thought you should know. and sweltering in the east, and by the way, it is 106 in newark, new jersey, right now, so sweat it out. ♪ sweet child of mine [ male announcer ] this is lisa, who tries to stay ahead of her class.
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i'm martin bashir. coming up at the top of the hour, take your medicine and eat
2:45 pm
your peas. the president takes the case directly to the american people as he seeks to solve the looming debt crisis. and speaking of john boehner? well, he would rather talk to rush limbaugh and his compromise has become an expletive. p back to you. >> thank you, martin. the palace will soon open up the doors to the public and thousands of visitors are expected for the summer opening exhibition, and the reason? the wedding dress of the royal duchess of cambridge, kate. michelle kosinski has a sneak peek at the exciting exhibition. >> reporter: oh, yes, you remember it well. but, you haven't seen it like this. catherine's dress still looks like a dream come true even if she is not there to bring it to life. what you can do is stick your face right up and see the delicate lace, and every stitch
2:46 pm
made by hand. >> there is so much work. such a wonderful craftmanship and people can appreciate it when they sigh it here that it is a revelation. >> you will see the cascading nine-foot train, and how fine the silk veil is topped with the tee yar ra loaned by the queen, all 888 diamonds, and another revelation, what did kate wear under her gown? handmade shoes, of course. high heels. you can see the couple's cake and yes, the actual cake with the top three tiers replaced and the replica of the bouquet. >> some people thought it was modest, but i thought it was exactly right for her and the dress. >> reporter: the dress ak all cli -- the dres actually will be in the ballroom where the wedding reception was held. >> you think, what a tiny waist and is this really the real dress? all of the ladies thought it
2:47 pm
would be more of a cake dress, you know what i mean. >> reporter: but the understated elegance has sold 100,000 advanced ticket to the exhibit more than ever before here. it is all of the little things, including the royal family's incredible faberge collection that you can't see on the big screen. >> you see it, but you don't get to touch it or feel it or smell it or taste it unless you are really here. >> reporter: well, don't try to taste it, because as delicious as it all appears. >> what kate has done is in fact break box office records, and she is the biggest sensation of the royal family in the last 20 years. >> i have died abgond gone to heaven. now you can see the deleted scenes of the "star wars" movies, and yet another round of legal drama for lindsay lohan. let's get the scoop from courtney hazlett whose outfits are at local museums.
2:48 pm
>> yes, you can line up around the block to see them. if royal wedding dresses are not your thing and box offices are, you are going to be able to see the compilation of the blu-ray compilation comes out, it is going to be all of the nine disks for "star wars" collection. part of that collection are scenes forgotten or deleted. so serious "star wars" fans will love it. here is what you can expect. ♪ >> i'm not the biggest "star wars" fan whoever walked the earth so i leave it to the experts, there is no word on whether the scenes will make it into the upcoming 3-d release or the live television series we have been talking about on and off since spring. and since it is 147 degrees
2:49 pm
outside, jeff, maybe going to the movies is in the books for people. the big release is "captain america" and $120 million film with chris evans. >> hard to make the money back. >> well, it is difficult and it is going to do great overseas, so that the bigger international number helps to bolster a lot of the films, and the bigger question, jeff, will it make the money back when it is up against harry potter that will do gang busters and even on the opening weekend we saw a dropoff of the friday and saturday numbers. but "friends with benefits" starring justin timberlake and mila kunis is a fun summertime romance comedy and what you see is what you are going to get there. and mila kunis and justin timberlake looking cute. >> do you believe in friends with benefits? >> are we going there? really? yesterday, lindsay lohan was in court yesterday. >> you are no fun. >> so much, jeff. and she is saying that she
2:50 pm
cannotf afford counseling, and part of the probation is that she was to undergo counseling and the attorney said because of health insurance snafu, she cannot afford it, and don't do that when you are wearing christi christi christi christian loubitan shoes. we are looking for the day she stops making excuses for her behavior. >> yes. thank you, courtney hazlett. and for the latest scoop of the entertainment world go the and coming up next, a victim's killer taunts the widower in court, and now the widower faces charges for what he did next. details in three minutes. that create a layer of protection
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with every close stroke. leaving your skin beautifully smooth. new venus proskin moisture rich.
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back now at 54 minutes past
2:54 pm
the hour and time for the "newsnation" gut check. a new jersey man is charged with contempt of court for trying to attack his wife's killer who was smiling during his sentencing. take a look. ivan reyes took the stand to take a shot at convicted murderer marty williams after becoming outraged in the hearing. back in 2009 williams stabbed his wife, and their 9-month-old son repeatedly in a robbery in their apartment. the baby survived, but his wife did not and williams faced up to 40 years in prison for the killing. at the sentencing reyes was telling the judge how hard the boy's recovery has been and through the tears opened the boy's shirt to show the court the boy's scars and that is when reyes realized that the killer was grinning and charged him. you can see in the photos that many of the family and friends went after williams. the judge charged reyes with contempt and sentenced him to six months in jail, and a few hours later the judge reduced
2:55 pm
the sentence to time served and reyes apologized for going after the wife's killer, but he said he is a monster. the sentencing hearing will continue next week, and reyes will not be able to attend. so should a man be convicted of contempt for charging his wife's killer while he was taunting him in court? in yesterday's gut check we asked if you two teens should register for sex offenders for the rest of their lives over something they described as horse play. 18% said yes, but an overwhelming 82% said no. that's it for this friday edition of "newsnation." if you are here in the northeast, stay cool. i'm jeff rossen and you can catch "newsnation" every weekday at 2:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. beautiful picture of tamron who will be back here monday. my good friend martin bashir is up next, another beautiful man.
2:56 pm
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good afrp noon, it is friday july 22nd and here is what is happening. take your medicine. >> we pay our bills. we meet our obligations. >> the president takes his case on a debt ceiling deal directly to the american people. >> it is going to make everybody happy. i want to be honest. i have agreed to also target some programs that i actually think are worthwhile. there are cuts that some people in my own party are not too happy about. >> speaker boehner makes his case with folks like rush limbaugh and in the halls of power. >> spend less. bye. >> no deal this friday as tempers and temperatures continue to rise. >> it is going to be a hot weekend in washington, d.c. >> i hope that everybody is keeping cool. and as today's suffocating heat paralyzes much of the
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